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Welcome to Ameute's Live Journal Icons!
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A Journal just for My Icons... yep...
Here is where I: Make my own icons, watch for new icons, collect other icons.
Also I have a small amount of Freinds Only Banners.
As for ColorBars, I collect a few.
ColorBars /~*~/ Anime ColorBars

Big on anime (Love: Weiss Kruez, Armitage the thrid, MARS)
I do my own scanning for random things and do Animated icons!

I Own: rebel_and_i Armitage the third and Mars

Well that's kind of it... I'm going to go make Icons now.

P.S. My Interests list will grow everytime I make a new or different icon.
a sex therapist, angels, anime, anime icons, anthy, armitage, armitage the third, base, bible icons, black & white, black and white, black and white icons, bonnie and clyde, boy love, bubbles, bunnies, cake, cakes, candles, candy cane sticks, card captor sakura, ccsakura, chocolate, christmas, christmas icons, clamp, clamp icons, classic, clover, cowboy bebop, cute girl, cute girls, dark, dark icons, death, death note, diet coke, engagement ring, engagement rings, evil bunny, flower, flower girls, flowers, fo banners, food icons, fortune cookies, fragments, friends only, friends only banners, fruit, fruit basket, gals, gals!, girl love, girls, gothic icons, harley davison, hochuuami, holiday, holiday icons, horror, horror manga, hot cocoa, i love icons, ice, icon, icons, ikons, instances, interview with the vampire, invader zim, jack in the box, jhonen vasquez, jubei chan, jubei-chan, juri, killer, kira, lain, link, livejournal, manga, mars, mars icons, menorah, motorcycle, motorcycles, movie icons, mpd psycho, mystery science theater 3000, nakama, naked man, naked men, naughty boys, non-anime, notebooks, old movies, peppermints, pohutukawa, ranma 1/2, raven, rei, reiko, reiko the zombie shop, revolutionary girl utena, rgutena, ring, rings, rose, roses, ryoga, sailor jupiter, sailor moon, sailor venus, saki, samurai champloo, sarah michelle gellar, se lain, sen, serial experiment lain, serial killer, shoujo kakumei utena, st. nicholas, super gals, super gals!, sword, teen titens, the bible, trigger happy tv, tsuyogari, ugh, under grand hotel, utena, wedding, wedding icons, wedding ring, wedding ring icons, wedding rings, weird icons, weiss kreuz, weiß kreuz, yaoi, yuri, zombie