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26 August 2006 @ 02:55 pm
Hot August Nights  
Read Me: Most of these are made by other people, I just added funny words too! XD (with promotion of course)
Please credit them for the icons oh and credit me for making them funny.
Look around my journal and see if you want any of my past icons/FOBs (the tags make it easy ^-^;;). Oh and don't forget those comments. *nod nod*
P.S. There are some old icons mixed in, this is for the people that won't on the commentaries I posted at.

For those who didn't know, I'm an Icon List:

(01) Final Fantasy movie
(02) stock (sunfolwer & cow)
(04) Pirates of the Caribbean 2
(02) Doctor Who (Rose)

(01) Serial Exsparement Lain
(02) Inuyashi (kagome)
(04) Power Stone
(01) Full Metal Alchemist
(09) Wiess Kreuz
(11) Sailor Moon (mostly venus and jupiter)
(09) Silver Diamond
===== Total: 46 icons

-read me before clicking-> I had a post with 2 icons of boys having sex and 2 FOB of a naked boy. I made it friends only but now I have change my mind and made it opened to the public! XP
Click me for Naked boys!!

"Wrong Number"

(I don't remember whose icon this is and I'm sorry I don't remember what I was smoking that expired in the fridge. I love the movie! I want the *you win* theme song for my phone! XP)

2 from: xxhouse_lovexx

4 from: __jukeboxx
(first one is a quote from Eddie Izzerd. Second one is a quote from ME!)

(I have no idea where the whole Heterosexual Joke came from. But for the record let's just blame all those homophobes when they don't like a movie/show they run around yelling "all the characters are gay don't watch" ;;>.> lossers)

2 from: _euphory
(If you watch carefully you'll see a secret massage XD
P.S. the first one is darker and slightly faster

"Kiss the Lain" /~*~/ "Green bath" /~*~/ "Tea bath"
/~*~/ /~*~/
(I'm not a fan of Inuyashi so these are the only ones I have... sorry.
This is the same Lain icon I posted a year ago only now it looks good and not like I throw a small pic on an icon... ya that one was crap...


The middle one says "It's all about the Man Booty"
/~*~/ /~*~/
(this was one of those animes I heard of but never sow anything about it. 0.o? I got the opening song but could never really find anything else. Maybe it was one of those animes that you could only get in japan...)

Wiess Kruez
(The first one is faster. The lyrics are from: Panic! At The Disco "It's Time to Dance (Because Boys Will Be Boys)" They read: Boys will be boys. Hiding in estrogen and wearing Aubergine dreams.)

/~*~/ /~*~/



Full Metal Alchemist

Sailor Moon
(polaroid layout are from brokenicon)

/~*~/ /~*~/

/~*~/ /~*~/
(Memories layout is from ealias. I made this special for my sister ^_^<3)

/~*~/ /~*~/

Silver Diamond
(boxes from unmasked_icons
Words from amethystia
Exspert for 'Fallen' was from artlessbaka
/~*~/ /~*~/

/~*~/ /~*~/

/~*~/ /~*~/

Remember: Credit the creators and me! Comment! Edit blank ones as you like!
Feeling sorta: enthralledenthralled
Listening to: Panic! At The Disco "It's time to dance"
crystalwrencrystalwren_fic on August 30th, 2006 03:44 am (UTC)
I've taken the POTC ones and the Lain one...thanks for sharing.
Ameute's LJ Icons: *grab*ameute_icons on August 30th, 2006 06:23 pm (UTC)
Your welcome and thanks for takeing ^o^