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Ameute's LJ Icons
23 July 2008 @ 11:00 am
Live Journal Mood Theme
Anime: Armitage The Third

~*~ RE MASTERD! ~*~

All Photos found on many random sites that can be seen at rebel_and_i

-Please comment, I'd love to hear from A3 fans.

-And don't forget the credit, friend me or just look around for more A3 and other.

-In the Zip File you'll find '0 Getting Started.txt' this will tell you all you need to know.

-Mood Theme can be used for Sponsered+ acccount and Paid Account. There's supposedly a way you can use mood theme on a basic account. See here.

-All images are 100x65 pixel.

(Old Problem #2) If you're haveing trouble with "nostalgic" not working change: "moodtheme_setpic 999999 50" to "moodtheme_setpic 999999 60"
...there is no 50... I don't understand it eather.
(REmasted update) Hopefully I fix this problem but if not I'm keeping this up

Link #1: SaveFile: Armitage MT
Link #2: MegaUpload: Armitage MT
Link #3: -none at this time-
(If not working comment so I can re-upload)


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Ameute's LJ Icons
10 September 2007 @ 09:52 am
OMG I've been gone sense June of last year. So what better way of celebrating my resurrection then taking some Death Note icons and adding fun filled quotes to them!

yyaaa... you know you miss me ^_~

~~Serious! READ ME!~~
I forgot to post early. I'm glad I didn't for two reasons:
A: I got a hold of some other Doujinshi of Matt/Mello and even a Near
B: I have a new computer and put my icons on a flash drive. I just realized the icons I posted where linked to that.
In SHORT~ when I remove the little disk thing that can hold lots of picture the icons on the page go "puff" So their now safely on my computer.

Remember kids!
+ Don't hotlink,
+ credit if only to recomend me to there *hint hint*
+ oh and comments tell me what you lo~ve!

The List::

16 = doujinshi
11 = manga icons
02 = special credit (please read before taking)

29 = Death Notes Total


"Death loves funnies" \~*~\ "my enemys" \~*~\ "smells cake"

death loves funnies \~*~\ enemys \~*~\smells cake

Choco choco choco!!Collapse )

Spical Thanks to::

I forget who I got this picture from but back in June I told them I was going to make it say this. It was finding this picture that remind me "ya I haven't made icons in forever!" ^_^;;


All I did was animate the two pictures togeather. Real credit should go to avataresque go to their page and you can find more.
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Ameute's LJ Icons
25 June 2007 @ 11:12 am
Good news is I got a new printer...
Bad news is my computer commited sucide...

no really it did. The thing killed it's self, for once it wasn't my falt.

So all the icons maybe down for a few days till I get a new one and get all set up again.

talk about spring cleaning... >.>

Wish me luck that my new computer will love me.
Ameute's LJ Icons
21 October 2006 @ 02:31 am
Just to let those who don't read my journal now I'm not dead or anything. I got a new job that makes me happy (ya for me!)

and got obsess with gaia
They have this new thing that if I invite people I get some kind of gift. I'd like to know what that gift is so let me know if you want to join! In return I'll help you out with anything you need (I've collected lots of helpful link and like to call myself "Your Friendly Gaia Drug Dealer" XD)

Anyway I'm just getting use to living again so I haven't been around to see all those wonderful new icons everyone else is making. I'm not making any promises but maybe come November I'll be back to steal collect icons.

Oh and make icons myself ^_^;;
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Ameute's LJ Icons
26 August 2006 @ 02:55 pm
Read Me: Most of these are made by other people, I just added funny words too! XD (with promotion of course)
Please credit them for the icons oh and credit me for making them funny.
Look around my journal and see if you want any of my past icons/FOBs (the tags make it easy ^-^;;). Oh and don't forget those comments. *nod nod*
P.S. There are some old icons mixed in, this is for the people that won't on the commentaries I posted at.

For those who didn't know, I'm an Icon List:

(01) Final Fantasy movie
(02) stock (sunfolwer & cow)
(04) Pirates of the Caribbean 2
(02) Doctor Who (Rose)

(01) Serial Exsparement Lain
(02) Inuyashi (kagome)
(04) Power Stone
(01) Full Metal Alchemist
(09) Wiess Kreuz
(11) Sailor Moon (mostly venus and jupiter)
(09) Silver Diamond
===== Total: 46 icons

-read me before clicking-> I had a post with 2 icons of boys having sex and 2 FOB of a naked boy. I made it friends only but now I have change my mind and made it opened to the public! XP
Click me for Naked boys!!

Hot NightsCollapse )
Remember: Credit the creators and me! Comment! Edit blank ones as you like!
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Ameute's LJ Icons
19 July 2006 @ 10:45 pm
I got bored and thought "I haven't made any FOB... I said a long time again I'd make a Mars FOB." Well I still haven't made that Mars FOB but I did make a really cool Armitage and some other animes!

P.S. How do you get a comment to show as just a link? I positive it has something to do with the 'scanning'.

FOB List:

1 (animated) Armitage the ThirdCollapse )

1 fanart of Cowboy bebopCollapse )

1 Chibi Chung LiCollapse )

2 Angel SactuaryCollapse )

1 (2 versions) Gojyo from SaiyukiCollapse )

2 SaiyukiCollapse )

1 (2 versions) manga Aya of Weiss KruezCollapse )

1 (4 version) Aya of Weiss KruezCollapse )

For more Banner check either my Favorites or Tags.

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Ameute's LJ Icons
17 July 2006 @ 07:06 pm
In celebration of me final getting time to watch the live action "MPD Psycho" I give you icon from the amazing manga!!

Why wasn't there more episodes!?! It make me sad that I will have to wait and look for the next DVD! I also have to get more of the manga I only got up to Volume 9.

So also go to gravity [anime winamp v6 - i'm on the edge] She's got some grate MPD winamp skins!

Now for the icons!!
P.S. If anyone know where I can find more MPD Psycho icons let me know. @.@

-comment me!!
-all icons can be used as seen or as bases
-all icons have had their shots, please spade or nodder your icons
-remember only you can prevent eye ball abduction

"Lucy Monostone" \~*~\ "Little Angel 01a" \~*~\ "Shinji child"
\~*~\ \~*~\

Even if I swim, there's no way outCollapse )

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Ameute's LJ Icons
04 July 2006 @ 02:57 pm
Live Journal Mood Theme
Anime: Armitage The Third

All Photos found on many random sites that can be seen at rebel_and_i

-Please comment, I'd love to hear from A3 fans.

-And don't forget the credit, friend me or just look around for more A3 and other.

-In the Zip File you'll find '0 Getting Started.txt' this will tell you all you need to know.

-Mood Theme can be used for Sponsered+ acccount and Paid Account. There's supposedly a way you can use mood theme on a basic account. See here.

-All images are 100x65 pixel.

(Problem #1)I just found out
thoughtful.png is 100x64 (makeing it one pixle off)

Here is the fixed version:
100 x 65

I don't think it will make a big problem but it still annoys me that I didn't see it.
Sorry if there are any other problems let me know.

(Problem #2 found) If you're haveing trouble with "nostalgic" not working change: "moodtheme_setpic 999999 50" to "moodtheme_setpic 999999 60"
...there is no 50... I don't understand it eather.
I'll update the .zip file later.

Link #1: SaveFile: Armitage MT
Link #2: FileLodge: Armitage MT
Link #3: MegaUpload: Armitage MT
(If not working comment so I can re-upload)

PREVIEW:(click for full size view)

X-posted: animegamesmoods /~*~/ moodtheme /~*~/ fandom_moods /~*~/ rebel_and_i

[[Mood: accomplished]]
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Ameute's LJ Icons
24 June 2006 @ 10:03 am
More icons from other peope that I put quotes to. I love the White Fireworks!

icontemplation /~*~/ azayka_ni
icontemplation /~*~/ azayka_ni



wonderland__ /~*~/ wonderland__




amayih /~*~/ amayih

Not sure witch one looks better.
"You laugh becuase I'm different.
I laugh becuase your boyfriend wants me."

amayih /~*~/ amayih

amayih /~*~/ amayih

========= =========
=+++ Remix Album +++=
========= =========
=+++ The First Born +++=
========= =========
=++ The Second Love++=
========= =========
=++ White Fireworks ++=
========= =========
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Ameute's LJ Icons
18 June 2006 @ 09:09 am
What a perfect name for this batch!
'June' meaning
1. the month we are in.
2. A Japanese magazine for yaoi (similar to: boyzip)
3. An English version that is publishing stories like 'Lost boys' and 'Haru wo daite ita' JUNE website

With that said I still have to find out how I can get the main page to stay the same when you expand one entry. Do I need a paid account? Why won't it work?

Comment, credit ameute_icons
And edit as you please, credit still

{] The Icon List [}
Random Still icons = total # 2
2 icons from "Death Note" Doujinshi called "Dead Stock"

Random Animated icons = total #6
Big Cellphone man from 'Trigger Happy TV'
The Button from 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'
Interview with the vampire - 2 weird icons
Final Fantasy
Superman's cape - weird quote by me

From the wonderful people of
Nakama and Hochuuami
= total #57 icon
((no sex pictures just a few kisses and F words))
A Sex Therapist = 5 still
Whip On! = 10 still / 1 animated
Tsuyogari = 5 still / 2 animated
Under GroundGrand Hotel = 32 still / 2 animated

"The Bible" Director's Cut = total #11 icon
10 animated quote icons *Warning weird bible stuff I did for fun*
1 wrong random

Batch number
57 + 10 + 6 + 2 = 75 icons total

==========Let the games begin===============

------------Random Still icons--------------------

"apple0" \~*~\ "apple1"
plot bunny apples \~*~\ Apple Bunnies

---------------Random Animated icons-------------------

"Big Cellphone man" \~*~\ "Button"
big cellphone man \~*~\ button

iconsCollapse )

----------Nakama and Hochuuami-----------------

***A Sex Therapist

"cuter then you" \~*~\ "cuter then you 1" \~*~\ "penguin chain"
I'm so cute \~*~\ Cuter then you \~*~\ Penguin keychain

iconsCollapse )

-----------"The Bible" Director's Cut---------------

"01" \~*~\ "02"

iconsCollapse )

Comments and Notes
NotedCollapse )
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Ameute's LJ Icons
05 June 2006 @ 02:50 pm
More Icons that I add words too!

Not really that many but I just wanted to get these out of the way while I'm here.

For those who don't know how this game is played here's how it gose.

These are icons that all I did was add words to. I have asked promission from the creaters to do this. If I have an icon that belongs to you and you don't want me doing this please let me know right away. And I will remove it.






bubbles /~*~/ keyboard

for more just click hereCollapse )
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Ameute's LJ Icons
16 May 2006 @ 04:57 pm
05 - Reiko the Zombie Shop
21 - MARS
25 = Total


-edit but please credit

Manga Scanning: Mars and ReikoCollapse )

I've gotten up to Vol. 2 in Reiko the Zombie Shop and I'm getting addicted. Saki's my favorite but then again I think I have a thing for serial killers (like MPD Psycho).

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Ameute's LJ Icons
30 April 2006 @ 05:37 pm
I love [pink.baka stage.zero] (404 Not Found)! And so I made icons from them!

{2} Still + {6} animated = {8} icons

- Comment > Credit > Love thy caffine

"Preacher boy" \~*~\ "Yohji Straight 0"
It's Moses... Or Mr Spock \~*~\ This would make a cool keychain

Wiess Kruezz Gluhen with extra stength cocaineCollapse )

X-post wk_icons /~*~/ wtf_icons
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Ameute's LJ Icons
15 April 2006 @ 01:47 pm
April icon Shower
-Pretty pretty please credit me!
-all my icons can be used as bases

Icon LIST (in order as showen):
12 - Christmas/holiday: candy cane sticks, hot Cocoa in tea cup, tea in a mug, eid el-fur (a type of raisin), peppermints, handful of peppermints, pohutukawa (flower), St. Nicholas, okasane mochi (pretty food), ice sticks, menorah (candle holder), nacimento (statue figures)

4 - Old Movie Classic: weekend in hanana, daddy long lags, stormy weather (2 versions)

6 - Anime/Manga: Mafia (death, money, thugs with guns), Burning the negatives (5 versions)

1 - Super GALS!
Neon shadows (from the opening)

9 - Weiss Kruez
animated chibi Weiss (2 different versions), Omi and Aya, sexy Manx and Birman (6 versions)

6 - Fruit Basket
Saki reading (2 normal version and 2 yaoi versions), shigure dirty thoughts, shigure dirty talk

22 - Teen Titens
Raven meditating (22 versions)

Total icons on page: 60 icons

Christmas/holidayCollapse )

Old Movie ClassicCollapse )

Anime/MangaCollapse )

Super GALSCollapse )

Weiss KruezCollapse )

Fruit BasketCollapse )

Teen TitensCollapse )

ornange glaze \~*~\ Mafie \~*~\ 21

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Ameute's LJ Icons
05 April 2006 @ 01:51 pm
Make up!Collapse )
Ameute's LJ Icons
05 April 2006 @ 01:51 pm
write a nameCollapse )
Ameute's LJ Icons
15 March 2006 @ 01:29 pm
Icons I've posted lately

(7 sailor moon icons)
2 Mina Photos, 3 Usagi Photos, 2 Jupiter animated Photos

(2 sailor Jupiter icons)
green is better. Jupiter animated Photos.

(Wiess Kruez)
Just one joke.
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Ameute's LJ Icons
03 February 2006 @ 09:11 pm
- Yours to collect or customize (like bases)
- Comment but, don't forget to Credit ^_^
- These icons go out to lcnotes

{] Super Gals Icons and animated icons[}
006 - Fun (customize)
014 - Profile pictures
033 - Ran
010 - Miyu
013 - Aya
005 - GALS (Ran, Miyu and Aya)
028 - Others
012 - Animated icons
121 - Total

"Ran Kotobuki" \~*~\ "Kiss 01" \~*~\ "OMG WTF 02"
Ran Kotobuki \~*~\ kiss 01 \~*~\ OMG WTF 02


Click for More!Collapse )

*Gals!4ever*Fruits Version*
++ Here's the webpage I got these pictures from. It's a cute little Italian site. ^,^<3

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Ameute's LJ Icons
19 January 2006 @ 09:20 pm
OMI! I got the theme to 'Attack of the killer Tomatos' in my head and made these!

in sync /~*~/ out of sync

The first is in sync and the other is out of sync. XD
Snagged these cuteys off of Kreuz Weiß.

Beware, Beware the cuteness!
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Ameute's LJ Icons
18 December 2005 @ 03:22 pm
Anime and Manga Color Bars
Some of the wording has been changed for my own personal amusment!

For Non-anime: Click here are L<3VE!

ColorBar CollectionCollapse )