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18 December 2005 @ 03:22 pm
Anime Color Bars Collection Page  
Anime and Manga Color Bars
Some of the wording has been changed for my own personal amusment!

For Non-anime: Click here are L<3VE!

Anime is obsessed waste of time & money love
Created By: lord_fluffy Go to anime_adore

♥ Doujinshi is fan Love ♥
Created By: dragon_gypsy

White Hair Guys in Anime is 200% Love
Created By: zekkai

======================Sailor Moon============================

There are eight colorbars of: Pretty Guardian Sailor Senshi

======================Death Note============================

There are eight colorbars of: Death Note

==================Armitage The Third=======================

Armitage III is synthetic-but-pure love
Created by: scourgey

======================Petshop of Horrors============================

Count D is love
Created by: 1poetictragedy Go to _curiousity

====================Ranma 1/2==============================

Ryoga is lost love
Created by: animetenshi011

==============WallFlower (perfect girl evolution)=================

perfect girl evolution is *nosebleed* love
Created by: aricat4

======================Get Backers============================

Get Backers is Returning Love
Created by: anime_loverx129


Kakashi is sexy ninja love! <3
Created by: imouto

======================Weiss Kreuz============================

Weiss is flowery love~
Created By: kumo_icons or nikkibyun

Schwarz is ebilLOVE!
Created By: kumo_icons or nikkibyun

Farfarello is Love
Farfarello is Deicidal Love
Created by: ravenspear

Omi is love
Yuki Omi aka Bombay Mamoru is all in one Love
Created by: jubei_bishoujo


Rei and Kira are Legend Love.
Created by: catiana_albatou

Rei and Kira are dangerous art love
Created by: handhrules

Mars is Love
Created by: _outside_castle

Mars is Taiwanese Live drama Love
Created by: _outside_castle

==============Hanazaki No Kimitachi E=======================

Created by: zayden

? hanakimi is secret love ?
Created by: aricat4

===================Vampire Hunter D===============================

Vampire Hunter D is wicked love
Created by: ms_freak112

Vampire Hunter D is love
Created by: lord_fluffy Go to anime_adore

================Serial Experiments Lain=======================

Lain is strange love
Created by: wonder_rock Go to ish_icons

Lain is dark love
Created by: lord_fluffy Go to anime_adore


Hellsing is Love
Created by: shinin

Hellsing is banishing impure souls of the living dead
into eternal damnation

Created by: likeatruck

Integral is Authoritarian-Bitch Love
Created by: brainfuneral

alucard + integral is trigger-happy love
Created by: aricat4


Gravitation is romantic love
Created by: aracale Go to aracalesgraphix

Nakano Hiroshi is Angsty Redhead Guitarist Love
Created by: zekkai

K Claude Winchester is Trigger Happy Love
Created by: zekkai

Mr.K is dangerous love ^O^
Created by: _kaze_chan_

===================Fruit Basket===============================

Shigure is doggy love
Created by: ms_freak112

Kyo is neko love
Created by: ms_freak112

Hatsuharu is moo love
Created by: ms_freak112

Haru x Rin is Unbreakable Love
Created by: _aska