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16 May 2006 @ 04:57 pm
Pink hair ties and serial killer Saki  
05 - Reiko the Zombie Shop
21 - MARS
25 = Total


-edit but please credit


I'm loveing this manga! I might scan more.
Reiko the Zombie Shop:

"Jesus slingshot" \~*~\ "hand candle"

"dead rock 3" \~*~\ "dead rock 1"

*Saki Yurikawa the 'little sister' serial killer*

*still / base*
"basket 1" \~*~\ "basket 2" \~*~\ "basket 3"
\~*~\ \~*~\

"Fenced in 1" \~*~\ "Fenced in 2" \~*~\ "Fenced in 3"
\~*~\ \~*~\

"sitting" \~*~\ "click" \~*~\ "pink 00"
\~*~\ \~*~\

"pink 01" \~*~\ "pink 02" \~*~\ "pink 03"
\~*~\ \~*~\

"pink 04" \~*~\ "pink 05" \~*~\ "pink 06"
\~*~\ \~*~\

"Pink 07" \~*~\ "pink 08"


"click 1" \~*~\ "click 2"

"click 3"

"click 4"

Brushes / credit
"Pink 07" Little box from unmasked_icons
"Pink 08" text space from gallery: tishalook's LiveJournal Icons Put your arrow over 'Sub-galleries' (left top corner) and a little window will show on the left, you want 'Icon Templates'.

Show and Tell Corner
All the Pink icons are slitty different. Wasn't sure if it should be puffy/tight/light/dark so I hope one fits. If not you can color the original.

Something I wanted to show you guys in the MARS icons.
Before window's paint
This is the original picture and I fixed it up just using Window's Paint. At first I wasn't sure I could get rid of the bottom left side and was think 'How can I work around this?' Some reason I tried recreating her lag and IT WORKED! Go figure.
I was able to do the same with a lot of the other ones like the basket icons (check the manga and you'll see) but I was really happy about this one.

I've gotten up to Vol. 2 in Reiko the Zombie Shop and I'm getting addicted. Saki's my favorite but then again I think I have a thing for serial killers (like MPD Psycho).

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Mehlee-Chanforgot_all on May 17th, 2006 08:37 pm (UTC)
mars. is the sex.

and your the creator...
of THE sex icons.

i salute you.
Ameute's LJ Icons: Mad Sakiameute_icons on May 18th, 2006 04:54 pm (UTC)
LOL why thank you.
*Salutes back*
ysl_shoes_yslysl_shoes_ysl on June 26th, 2010 06:15 am (UTC)
Definitely recommending this all around.